Competition Information

Local Rules

These local rules are to be read in conjunction with the rules of golf. Additional local rules may be posted by the match committee.

1. Fixed Sprinklers

All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief may be taken in accordance with rule 16.

In addition, if a fixed sprinkler head lies within 2 club lengths of the green being played and the players ball lies within 2 club lengths of the sprinkler head then relief under rule 16 may be taken if the sprinkler head is in the line of play.

2. Ground Under Repair (GUR)

The three practice greens and all areas with GUR signs are ground under repair and the player shall not play the ball from, or take a stance in such ground as defined under rule 16, Abnormal course conditions. Relief must be taken in accordance with rule 16. 

3. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 16)

All shelter sheds and tee area fences.

All staked trees and shrubs which interfere with a players stance or the area of intended swing.

All defined roads and paths.

Metal hoops placed by ground staff.

All tap covers and electrical boxes.

All tee information signs.

All fixed fences except those that define the out of bounds.

4. Course Boundary

The boundary line of the course is the inside line of the fence or as defined in a temporary rule.

5. Out of Bounds

All areas defined by out of bound stakes, all the course boundary fences, the practice fairway on the right side of the 9th fairway, south side of Dandenong Creek and the main car park. Where no out of bounds signs are visible around the area of the 16th hole, the dam fence defines the Out of Bounds area. Relief should be taken under rule 18.2.

6. Penalty Area

All areas within the water course of the Dandenong Creek (defined by the eroded earth bank on the course side and boundary line on the south side) is defined as a red penalty area.  Relief should be taken as defined under rule 17.1d.

7. Free Relief Areas 

There are 3 defined areas on the course that a defined as free relief areas.

  1. The left hand side of the 2nd fairway adjacent to the 3rd tee.
  2. The area directly in front of the 9th tee.
  3. The area on the right hand side of the 18th green.

In all cases when your ball enters these areas you’re able to proceed to the relevant drop zone according to where your ball entered the area.

There is no need to find you ball in all cases.


Penalty Area – Red Stakes

Out of Bounds – White Stake, Black Tops

Sprinkler head measurements

Sprinkler head measurements are to the centre of the green.

Distance Marker – 150m to centre of Green

Note: Sprinkler head distance measurements are to centre of Green


The latest syllabus is available in pdf format here:

Information and Rulings

Club Information, Competition rules and other important club information is defined in this pdf:

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