Currently new memberships are not being accepted at Ringwood Golf Club. 

Application for new membership to the Ringwood Golf Club is subject to the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be nominated and seconded by two financial RGC members
  • Full payment of the joining fee must accompany the application
  • All applications must be lodged with the Secretary
  • Only the Secretary will post new applications on the RGC notice board
  • All applications must be displayed on the RGC notice board for a minimum of seven days prior to consideration by the RGC Committee
  • Attend an interview with the Club Captain prior to the application being presented to the Committee
  • Each applicant’s name and details are presented to the Committee by the Secretary at the regular monthly Committee meetings.
  • Once approved, the applicant must:
    • attend an induction to become acquainted with the rules and by-laws of the Club
    • pay the appropriate membership fee.

Membership application pdf:

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