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Course Guide

Hole #1 | Blue: 299 metres Par 4  |  Red: 281 metres  Par 4

A relatively wide opening hole that allows you to settle into your round. For the big hitters, stay left of the fairway bunker that has ruined many starts to a round.

Hole #2 | Blue: 389 metres Par 4  |  Red: 385 metres  Par 5

Rated the hardest hole on the course for good reason, a solid tee shot is required. The best line is tight on the left but beware if you try to cut the corner too much as the shrubs & reeds have claimed many a ball, often resulting in a double bogey.

With the fairway sloping right to left and a bunker on the right short of the green, your approach shot needs to be accurate.

Hole #3 | Blue: 180 metres Par 3  |  Red: 165 metres  Par 3

The first of 5 par 3’s is not an easy hole with its length, a long bunker down the right and some long rough in front of the Dandenong creek ensures you want to keep your tee shot left of centre where a large green awaits.

Hole #4 | Blue: 458 metres Par 5  |  Red: 388 metres  Par 5

For the long hitters, a drive with some left to right shape is ideal to get a second shot on the green in two.  For the not so long hitters beware of the OOB on the right of the tee.  Long rough on the right beyond the trees before the creek awaits any errant shots.  A large sloping green tests your putting skills early in the round.

Hole #5 | Blue: 142 metres Par 3  |  Red: 141 metres  Par 3

Not a long par 3 but 4 bunkers, 2 at the front and 2 at the back await an inaccurate tee shot.  When the pin is on the right, your shot needs to be accurate as the green is at its smallest there.  Bogey is a common score for the unwary.

Hole #6 | Blue: 505 metres Par 5  |  Red: 436 metres  Par 5

The longest hole on the course and from the back markers, requires a left to right shaped drive but not too much as a sneakily placed fairway bunker awaits.  A second fairway bunker on the left requires a respectful shot be it your 2nd or 3rd.  A significant slope at the front of the green means you need to make sure you hit enough club to hit the large green.

Hole #7 | Blue: 325 metres Par 4  |  Red: 289 metres  Par 4

A short par 4 that rewards a solid drive with a birdie opportunity however an errant drive left or right and you will be writing down bogey on your scorecard.

Hole #8 | Blue: 146 metres Par 3  |  Red: 110 metres  Par 3

With the green higher than the tee box, take an extra club to make sure you hit the green.  OOB and a couple of bunkers on the right has you aiming left of centre.

Hole #9 | Blue: 223 metres Par 4  |  Red: 201 metres  Par 4

The shortest par 4 on the course has you thinking birdie or even eagle but take a moment to consider the 5 bunkers, OOB all the way up the right with OOB on the left coming into play for those going for the green.

As a drivable par 4, always consider players on the green before you take your tee shot.

Hole #10 | Blue: 298 metres Par 4  |  Red: 283 metres  Par 4

A nice straightforward hole to start the back nine, a reset hole if your front nine wasn’t up to par and a birdie opportunity if you are on a roll.  For the big hitters stay left of the fairway bunker on the right.

Hole #11 | Blue: 276 metres Par 4  |  Red: 263 metres  Par 4

A tight driving hole with the trees on the left & right along with a well placed fairway bunker means the big hitters going for the green need to be wary.  A layup is often the smarter play to give you a birdie opportunity.

Hole #12 | Blue: 144 metres Par 3  |  Red: 132 metres  Par 3

A short downhill par 3 protected by two big bunkers at the front, long is a good option to a big undulating green.  Your putting needs to be onsong, otherwise 3 putts will be the result.  Beware of the cart path on the right as any errant shots can end up along the boundary fence or on East Link!

Hole #13 | Blue: 408 metres Par 5  |  Red: 361 metres  Par 5

The 3rd and final par 5 is the shortest of the three however OOB all the way up the left, a narrow fairway, fairway bunker and a raised green gives this hole its defences. 2 straight hits for the big hitters and 3 for the not so big hitters will see you on the green and a birdie or eagle awaits, make sure your putting is on with this large sloping green.

Hole #14 | Blue: 389 metres Par 4  |  Red: 322 metres  Par 4

The 2nd hardest hole on the course but there is always debate after the round if it shouldn’t be rated the hardest. A good straight tee shot is a must to give you a look at par.  The green slopes from front to back and left to right and 3 bunkers, left, right & back can catch the unwary.  Par is a good score on this hole.

Hole #15 | Blue: 298 metres Par 4  |  Red: 258 metres  Par 4

A tricky par 4 that starts you on your way home.  The hole doglegs left, the big hitters can go over the trees however the popular play is a long iron or hybrid to the corner.  Upon reaching the corner you will be greeted with a tough uphill approach shot to one of the toughest greens on the course that falls significantly from back to front.  Be careful and considerate with your putting, if not you have been warned! 😀

Hole #16 | Blue: 190 metres Par 3  |  Red: 173 metres  Par 3

A long downhill par 3 that offers great views of the Dandenongs from the tee.  The hole is well protected by bunkers at the front.  OOB left and right makes a straight tee shot a must.  For the shorter hitters, the fairway slopes heavily left to right, so make sure your tee shot is aimed left.

Hole #17 | Blue: 347 metres Par 4  |  Red: 330 metres  Par 4

The dam and OOB on the right has gobbled up many golf balls off the tee.  For the long hitters off the tee, keep right of the fairway bunkers on the left.  From the fairway the green looks straightforward but looks are deceiving as there is a big ridge in the middle, the front half of the green slopes heavily to the fairway and there are subtle breaks and low points to negotiate.  An accurate approach shot and 2 putts will get you a well earned par.

Hole #18 | Blue: 327 metres Par 4  |  Red: 270 metres  Par 4

A shorter par 4 closes out the round.  For the big hitters, the line is over the trees on the left but if you are errant, big trees await.  A raised green with a bunker on the left means your approach shot needs to be accurate and long enough to get on the green.  Don’t be deceived, take an extra club for the approach shot.  Treat this green with respect when it comes to putting as it slopes back to front, with some subtle breaks, it’s quick if you are up the back and the pin is in the middle or front.  

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