The Ringwood Golf Club started in 1964 when a handful of keen golfers who played at the Eastfield golf course got together to plan the initial steps in the club’s formation.  A constitution was drawn up and Gerry Smart, who was to become the Mayor of the Borough of Ringwood in 1972/1973, was elected as President of the Eastfield Golf Club. 

In September 1965 the name was changed to the Ringwood Golf Club and moved from Eastfield to the Olinda golf course. On March 4th 1966 we became affiliated with the Victorian Golf League and our club colours of navy, blue and gold were adopted.  In 1968 the club moved its base to Chirnside Park Golf Club where members played until 1974. We then made our final shift to the Ringwood Golf Course when the front nine holes were opened in March 1974. The first clubrooms were built in our current location soon after, until that stage club meetings had been held at various local halls or at committee members’ homes.  Members would complete nine holes in those early days and then wait in line to go around again!  In June 1976 the back nine holes at Ringwood were officially opened.

In 1965 our annual subscription fee was an amazing 3 pounds 3 shillings! It cost only 3 shillings for nine holes of golf.  By 1975 our annual fee had climbed to $15.00, the cost of an 18 hole green fee at Ringwood was $2.50.

Ringwood has always been one of the stronger clubs in the Victorian Golf League and from a membership that first passed 200 in 1971, we now have a membership base of over 350.  Most of our members play in one or more of our five weekly club competitions where we cater for ladies and men of all ages and golfing standards. 

Members can represent Ringwood in pennant, and events held at other VGL clubs.  They also have the opportunity to mix on social days, golf trips away and mixed days. They can volunteer as Marshalls helping with major professional tournaments held in Melbourne’s summer, such as the President’s Cup, Australian Masters etc.


The inaugural meeting of what is now known as Ringwood Golf Club Inc. – Lady Members, was held at the Ringwood library on 25th May 1971. The Ringwood Golf Club, consisting of men only, was already in existence, and subsequently the ladies were accepted as the Ringwood Golf Club Associates.

At that time, the Ringwood golf course did not exist. The men played at Chirnside Park, and when our happy band of novices began playing there also, they found the going very tough! The first competition book makes hilarious reading. Average scores were around the 120 mark – for nine holes.

The Ringwood Golf Club Associates transferred to Waverley, which was considered to be an easier course, and the Associates were on their way. They became affiliated with the Victorian Ladies Golf Association (VLGA) on 2nd August 1971, and continued playing at Waverley until the first nine holes were opened at Ringwood in 1974. 

By 1975, membership had increased to 135 ladies, and the inaugural Pennant team was entered into the VLGA competition. 

In 1983, Ringwood won the Sun Cup, then when this was replaced in 1992 with the VLGA Cup, Ringwood managed to be the first club to have their name inscribed on the trophy.

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