Ringwood Golf Club has a proud history of competing in Victorian Golf League (VGL) pennant match play competitions.  Match play golf is a great test of a player’s mental game and all financial members are welcome to participate.   The club typically fields the following pennant sides:

  • Ladies (Played mid week)
  • Seniors – Mens (Played mid week)
  • Handicap – Mens (Played on Sundays)
  • Scratch – Mens (Played on Sundays)

VGL Pennant rules and information: Rules and Information link.

Pennant Winners and Runners Up

1973Division 31978PremiersSection E
1974Division 41980PremiersSection E
1979WinnerA GradeDivision 41983Runners UpSection D
1981WinnerA GradeDivision 31984PremiersSection C
1982PremiersA grade1985PremiersSection D
1984WinnerA gradeDivision 11986Runners UpSection C
1985WinnersDivision c.21994Runners UpSection D
1987WinnerJuniors1994PremiersSection B
1991WinnersA gradeDivision 21997Runners UpSection D
1994PremiersJuniors2002Runners UpSection E
1994WinnerA gradeDivision 12003Runners UpSection D
1995WinnerA grade HandicapDivision 12009Runners UpSection D
1997PremiersHandicapDivision 2
1998PremiersA grade ScratchDivision 2
1998PremiersJuniorsDivision 1
2000PremiersJuniorsDivision 1
2002PremiersHandicapDivision 4
2005PremiersJuniorsDivision 3
2005PremiersScratchDivision 3
2006PremiersSeniorsDivision 2
2007PremiersSeniorsDivision 2
2009PremiersSeniorsDivision 3
2010PremiersSeniorsPeter Thomson Division
2011PremiersSeniorsPickworth Division
2012PremiersScratchDivision 3
2013PremiersScratchDivision 2
2014PremiersSeniorsVon Nida Division
2014PremiersHandicapDivision 4
2017PremiersSeniorsNagle Division
2017PremiersSeniorsPickworth Division

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